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Puppies are a lot of work! They need house training, leash training, manners training and it all takes time. You can't take them on long walks until they are mature, they can't be walked without a muzzle so you need to teach them that too. Puppies dig holes in the garden, rip washing off the line, steal your shoes if you leave them out, nip at your fingers and toes, jump up on you, particularly if they have muddy feet and you have your "nice" clothes on. They learn quicker than human babies, they give you kisses when you least expect it, they steal your heart when your not looking and make worthwhile all that hard work bringing them up to be responsible citizens in an increasingly unfriendly, to a dog, world.

If you want to skip the baby steps go to the links page and look up your nearest GAP for an older greyhound. They too will make your heart skip a beat, will love you and lean on you and you will wonder how you ever existed without one of these magnificent creatures by your side. Greyhounds as pets are one of the best kept secrets of the dog world!

Brantarby pups are raised in the home until they are old enough to go outside, then they are in and out just like the adults. As much as my dogs are house dogs I do expect that they are all able to stay outside, on their own, if need be. After all they can't spend all their time on my bed! They are regularly wormed and have their first C3 vaccination at 7/8 weeks, along with being microchipped at this time. They are able to go to their new homes shortly afterwards. They will have had several trips in the car to the local supermarket where we sit and watch the world go by from the safety of the back of the car. The cats would have told them very firmly that they are not to be messed with!  Pups will be registered with the Victorian Canine Council and come with either Main or Limited Registration papers.

Main registered pups are sold to show homes with the understanding that show quality can not be guaranteed. Many things outside the breeders control, i.e. feeding and exercise, can impact negatively on a young dogs developement, plus there is that always that old lady, Mother Nature, waiting to upset the apple cart. Limited registered pups are sold to companion homes and can't be shown or bred from but can compete in dog sports such as obedience or agility. Limited registered pups are to be desexed at 12 months of age for the males and after the first season for the girls. Usual time for a girl to come in season is 16 months plus, sometimes as late as 2 1/2 years of age.

Regardless of registration I do have the expectation that all pups will be loved and cared for well, for the life time of the dog and if circumstances change would expect to be the first person to be called in the event a dog had to be rehomed. All greyhounds deserve to have time in the house each and every day, they don't have to be allowed on the furniture, though it might be hard to refuse them! Outside they need protection from the elements, a good snug kennel and a coat or two in the colder months, plenty of shade and water in summer. And lots of nice soft bedding. They do enjoy their creature comforts after all.



Follow the Jan 2009 litter, Miller and Paige, from birth to 12 weeks of age, in photo's here

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