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Chalk and Cheese

Sam: Brawn? No. Beauty? Yes to me. Brains? Oh Yeah, how else could he have trained me so well. Do I love him? With every breath. Does he love me? I'm sure of it. Sam is a man of the world; he's been places and done things. Sam is a closed book who rarely lets me get a glimpse inside. But when he does it's worth the wait.

Piper: Brawn? Yes. Beauty? Yes to most. Brains? A bit dim I feel. I'm sure we can build on it though. Do I love him? Definitely. Does he love me? Oh yes. Piper is an innocent; he's been nowhere and experienced little. Piper is an open book that lets me see everything. That is precious to me.

Chalk and Cheese. My Two Boys.

Chalk and Cheese. Closed and Opened.

Chalk and Cheese. Sam and Piper.

Chalk and Cheese. My Two Loves.



Sam loves to run!

We were at the slipping track the other day; Autumn had arrived and there was a cool wind blowing. The sun was making a brave effort to counteract the cooling winds but it was a losing battle.

As we strode along, Piper, Emma and I could only watch on in admiration as Sam strutted on "his" turf. Sam forgets he is a dignified older greyhound when we get to the track. He runs to live, he lives to run. Running is what Sam does, what he waits for the chance to do, whenever he can. Everything else is secondary to his running.

As I watched on that day I thought if Sam was to drop down dead NOW I would be happy. He was living his dream, what more could I wish for. But he didn't drop down dead, thankfully, there is a lot more running for Sam to do.

I wish I had had a video camera that day as Sam ran. It was the most glorious sight, but it is fixed in my memory. The day Sam out ran the wind.


Sam's Teef

Ever since Sam arrived at out home in May 2000, we have been battling Sam's periodontal disease. This has seen Sam go under anaesthetic 4 times. The first time was Nov. 200 and he had 2 teeth removed, and then he went in again in January of 2001. This time he had about half his teeth taken out and nearly died in the process. Sam did not handle the anaesthetic at all well. I vowed I would find a way to keep his mouth healthy without resorting to these frequent dentals. It was not to be and while I kept him away from the vets for another 2 years I had to face the fact that Sam needed his teeth done again in April 2003. With fingers, toes and everything else crossed Sam went in for his dental. He only had 14 teeth left and didn't lose one but yet again the anaesthetic knocked him around. We had tried everything to keep his gums clean and healthy but couldn't manage it.

Within a week Sam's breath was back to it's usual foul smell and the red lines were creeping back.

After again trying to keep this horrible disease in check I made a decision. Sam had just turned 8; we had had him for just over 3 years. I wanted to have him for a lot longer. His teeth had to go. This is what I suspected from the start. I had once had an elderly cat that suddenly developed periodontal disease. After 3 dentals in 3 months Puddy had all his teeth removed. The disease disappeared, never to return in Puddy's remaining 12 months with us.

On October 16 th 2003 with a very heavy heart, I inflicted yet another anaesthetic on Sam and had all his remaining teeth taken out.

It was a very long day for us all. Sam was under for 2 hours and 40 minutes. Jo, the vet, had a real battle to get those canines and molars out. But, as if Sam knew his ordeal was over once and for all, the recovery has been trouble free. Sam was sent home with antibiotics, and painkillers for the next 4 days. There has been very little blood and Sam was eating 24 hours after surgery. 5 days after Sam came home I took a peek into his mouth and was appalled at the hole's left by his canines. I think it will take a few weeks for those to heal. In the meanwhile Sam can have whatever his heart desires. I can't wait to see what Sam is like without that poison always in his system.


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